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First aid, fire prevention, ergonomics, specific types of risk management, and more. With Play It Safe, you commit to the safety and health of your staff.

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Smooth onboarding is the key to high productivity right from the start. Play It First makes it inviting and easy.

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Complex issues, such as data protection and cybersecurity, are translated into accessible and interactive simulations. That is Play It Secure.

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Leading a team requires insight, skills, and the right mindset. With Play It Ahead, new managers feel at home in their job.

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There is a tailor-made learning game for every course need or sore point in the workplace. Play It Custom is right for you.

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Your entire Play It story comes together on the Play It Platform. That’s where each employee has immediate access to the relevant learning games for their job.

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Game-based learning using simulationsthe answer to your challenge

Complex planning, getting the right people together, and mobilising an expert in the field. Traditional training is often a logistical headache. Play It lets your staff hone their knowledge and skills when and where it suits them. On an efficient and accessible platform. That is G-learning with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and full attention.

  • Efficient
  • Accessible
  • Grabs the attention

The added value of game-based learning

  • four times faster learning
  • 30% better knowledge transfer
  • theory and practice in one go using simulations
  • saves money
  • no travel necessary
  • effective behavioural change
  • view and analyse results
  • etc.
The [number 1] game-based learning platform

The four principles of evidence-based HR

You need a solid foundation to make focused and efficient decisions for your HR and corporate training. With Play It, you opt for evidence-based HR. So you can count on four solid cornerstones for your training package.


Scientific research shows that people learn four times faster and remember 30% more when they use Play It simulations. Like a design-your-own PhD.


Successful collaborations and cases carried out at major national and international corporations provide Play It with unique expertise in learning games. Driven by passion and proven in the field.


Play It logs all user actions. This data gives you valuable insights. Repeatedly playing a game provides deep-rooted knowledge and skills. Successful resuscitations after the Play It Safe course are the best proof.


The efficiency of Play It simulations has not only been proven, it is very appealing to users. They give it a satisfaction score of 98%. This is exceptionally high. So, it's no surprise the course completion rate is also three times higher than traditional e-learning.

The added value of game-based learning




better knowledge


satisfied customers

Some success stories

Schermafbeelding 2022 09 16 om 14 46 03

Innovatieve onboarding voor multiculturele visproducent

Bij Mowi in Brugge is heel wat bedrijvigheid. Dagelijks is er een volledig team in de weer om vis te verwerken voor de handel. Geregeld start een nieuwe medewerker. De typerende multiculturele omgeving en de grote instroom bemoeilijkten de vlotte opstart van nieuwkomers. En toen ontdekte Mowi Play It First.


Brewery rebuilt virtually for greater impact of learning game

Working in a brewery involves specific safety risks. In order to effectively touch on exactly those pain points during the training, Play It realistically recreated the AB InBev workplace. Employees already appreciate the tailor-made learning game.


The added value of G-learning in post-corona times

Having teleworked as much as possible for many months, we are finally allowed to get together more often and with more people. Physical training courses are an option once again. Even so, digital training can still add value in your company.

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