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Five life-saving rules in a tailored game

Those who work at Borealis know that there are five sacred life-saving rules. These are simple rules that must be observed during every activity. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents at work, and everyone contributes to safety in the workplace. By adding game-based learning to the course, employees are more attentive and more engaged. A successful partnership with Play It.

As a leading supplier in the chemical sector, workplace risks lurk around the corner every day. By strictly following the five life-saving rules during every activity, the employees contribute to safety. To instil these rules in every employee, Borealis used a mix of classroom sessions, group discussions and physical training courses in Safety Centres. And then came Covid.

Games instead of face-to-face training

Koen Colpaert, Group Manager HSSE, explains the impact of the virus on the educational programme: “The face-to-face training courses are an indispensable part of teaching our life-saving rules. That’s where we put theory into practice in a realistic setting. Our Safety Centres had to close because of Covid, and we needed an alternative. That’s what we found in Play It; a game tailored to our company and our guidelines. With some persuasion, and a very impressive demo, I got the green light to start working together.”

Seven thousand people played the learning game in just under six months. The game has now also been integrated into our SAP system. It’s included in the online training package for specific jobs or profiles within Borealis. The game is also available at any time for those who want a refresher, in different levels of difficulty depending on the job.

Training tool with many advantages

Borealis lists the strengths of Play It Safe:

  • continuous involvement during the course (stop playing = no progress in the game)
  • safely simulates unsafe situations in a real-time environment
  • helps users understand and remember hazards and rules better, such as working at a height on a scaffold versus a roof
  • identifies the rules or situations where employees most often get stuck
  • available in 12 languages
  • 100% Borealis, right down to the workwear
“We found the customised programming in particular to be a great advantage. Initially, fastening the straps of the helmet was forgotten in the design. But Play It solved this in two days, and now everything is correct. Employees really feel part of the game, and we see the positive effect of this in the results.”

Koen Colpaert

Group Manager HSSE

Curious as to what a tailored game looks like?

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