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Explore the airport virtually

G4S’s presence at the airport can be divided into two groups: on the one hand, security is an important segment, and on the other, the Airport Crew welcomes visitors and helps get them to where they need to be. “Our team is characterised by a lot of interims and job students,” states Sofie Eyckerman, Aviation Quality & Training Manager at G4S Belgium. “Obviously, they need to have the right skills. At the same time, the challenge is to give everyone a clear view of the airport layout.”

Airport reconstructed in 3D

Play It built the airport entirely in the game environment. This gives new employees virtual insight into the layout and all the important places on the site. They can help passengers with specific questions much faster and know exactly how to guide them.

Sofie continues, “The combination of a physical tour and a refresher with further in-depth play makes all the info stick better. We’ve seen the positive impact of Play It in practice. Our people are less likely to get lost, for one thing.”

Engaging and efficient, including for the younger generation

That G4S is looking for original ways to convey information to staff is nothing new. But what Play It adds to the training mix is. “It’s varied, new, and certainly appeals to the younger generations. So the learning game fits perfectly into our training framework,” Sofie concludes.


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