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PLAY It and Mensura join forces: a very fruitful cross-fertilisation!

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Let us venture a bold statement: a partnership between PLAY It and Mensura was written in the stars! An innovative Game-Based Learning platform and the expertise of an External Occupational Health Service complement each other perfectly!

Merging of perspectives

Mensura is an authority when it comes to safety and prevention at work; a subject on which Play It also has a good deal to say (although its range is much broader than that). With this innovative partnership, they strengthen each other on various fronts. The whole – much more than a sum of its parts – benefits both partners, but especially the end customer.

How? We asked Mike Ptacek, Co-Founder & CCO at Play It: “The essence of this partnership is as simple as it is far-reaching: from now on Mensura’s customers will have, if they so wish, easy access to all learning courses in our Play It Safe solution. Play It Safe is a set of Game-Based applications with which employees acquire the necessary knowledge and procedures concerning safety and prevention. Examples include First Aid, fire safety and ergonomics. Companies are legally obliged to offer regular training courses in these areas. We are committed to offering Mensura customers maximum ‘value for money’ through this targeted cooperation. Thanks to Play It’s expert implementation, the specific assets of Game-Based Learning (engaging, interactive, fun, high knowledge transfer, etc.) are further enhanced by the flexibility and adaptability that game technology can offer. Now they’re available for the entire Mensura customer portfolio.”

Game-changer for a changing world

That’s a good thing for the end customers and, by extension, the safety of tens of thousands of employees. Of course, Play It also definitely benefits from it. They describe themselves as ‘game nerds’, as the ‘architects’ of the platform, but the subject matter is anything but new for them. The wealth of expertise that Mensura brings to the table creates enormous perspectives

Together, they are now exploring new markets. An exercise that our changing world is absolutely asking for. Dual learning, hybrid work, mobility... the challenges are numerous. The answers are increasingly found in concentrations of strength and co-creations.
“It helps, of course, that Mensura truly believes in partner models. They are a driving force in this cross-fertilisation. Everything was done very smoothly and professionally. We managed to accomplish a lot together in a short time, and there are already some concrete inquiries,” says an audibly satisfied Mike Ptacek.

Mensura: advisor and quality label

There may be (at least) two sides to every story, but in Mensura’s case, we quickly detect a similar enthusiasm.

Kim Van Asch, Partnership & Corporate Venturing Manager at Mensura: “As an External Occupational Health Service, we work in a highly regulated context. Every company with at least one employee must join an external occupational health service. In fact, our tasks are largely defined by law. Yet we find that our customers also go beyond these legal obligations in their quest to increase safety and well-being in the workplace. As a true health and safety advisor, we are a first point of contact for offering relevant products and services related to safety and prevention. To this end, we enter into strategic (and preferably pleasant) partnerships. We mainly look at the quality, usefulness and relevance of potential partners and their offerings. In this sense, we even become a kind of ‘quality label’ for customers. This cooperation with Play It is a striking illustration of that. We are complementary, with very divergent expertise on the same subjects.

Win-win situation

Julie Pottier, Business Line Manager for Training Courses at Mensura is also delighted: “Current developments in society have accelerated the need for innovative forms of training. Face-to-face training courses certainly have an added value in certain contexts, but innovating and combining is the message now more than ever.
Our mission continues to be the maximisation of safety in all working environments. With Play It as a partner, we can continue to achieve this with offerings that have extra substance, both in depth and in scope. The fact that these courses are also pleasant and easy to follow is, of course, a bonus. Depending on the needs and requests of our customers, we even develop completely new modules together. The mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise means that all parties act as mutual growth accelerators... and our customers reap the benefits of this. It’s a win-win situation!”


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