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Virtual onboarding, tailored to your company

Onboarding before the new employee even sets foot in the workplace? Play It First, our interactive simulation game, makes it easy as pie.

A smooth onboarding process

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A time-consuming reception procedure

A good onboarding process takes a lot of time. In a traditional setting, right? A virtual onboarding from Play It First saves you time and resources. The new hire goes through an efficient and practical introduction to your company at their own relaxed pace.

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Stress on the first day

Even before your new team member takes a step inside, they will know exactly what to expect. This limits stress and frustration on the first day. The outcome? Peace of mind for your entire team.

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Onboarding of non-native speakers

Does your sector have lots of different nationalities in the workplace? Play It First is available in more than 20 languages. This ensures everyone gets the same dedicated and pleasant introduction.

Benefits of virtual onboarding

  • Make new employees feel at home from day 1.
  • Save your HR officer, the new employee and their colleagues valuable time.
  • Teach safety rules and procedures more quickly and in a fun way.
  • Avoid stress and frustration among both the new colleague and current employees.
A smooth onboarding process

Why Play It First?




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Play It First in practice

“We noticed that the traditional way of onboarding new employees no longer sufficed. That is why we sought an innovative technology to solve this problem. Play It First to the rescue.”


Why is onboarding important?

An appropriate programme for welcoming new employees immediately translates into benefits in the workplace. Your new employee can get to work more quickly and finds their place in the team more easily. This results in higher efficiency and a stronger group spirit. With less stress for the new hire.

Play It First answers practical questions, such as:

  • Can I park easily at the company?
  • How do I get inside the building?
  • What will my first day at work be like?
  • etc.
A smooth onboarding process

Avoid stress among new and existing employees

The first workday at a new company can be a source of stress for many. Even before the official start of their new job, all kinds of questions arise: will parking be easy there, how do I get into the building, what will my first workday look like? The uncertainty may cause agitation. On top of that, the arrival of a new colleague may cause unnecessary stress and frustration among current staff as well. If they notice a new colleague doesn’t know the company processes and is walking around the workplace seemingly lost, this may quickly become a source of tension.

With the virtual onboarding process by Play It First, new employees go through the process via a fun simulation game at their own pace and in their own language as well as in the safety of their own home. This ensures peace of mind among both new and current employees.


There were many things I recognised when I entered production, due to the fact that the photos were taken in 360 degrees. It’s an advantage when you can recognise things; that took away a lot of the stress.

Ambroos Broes,
Employee at Mowi

Simulation games for your recruitment

Play It First has a solid foundation for your digital welcome of new employees. This is true whether they join to reinforce your team permanently, or as interim staff, or as working students. You can use the Play It Creator to personalise your learning game, for example, with 360° photos of your workplace. Then you can get started right away. This allows you to combine a complete approach and fast efficiency with maximum recognition.

A smooth onboarding process
Interactive HR course

Interactive HR course

In traditional onboarding, a new employee is handed a mountain of information to absorb. Much of that does not really stick and practical questions get asked later on. An interactive HR course, such as a Play it First game, has proven effectiveness and is guaranteed to be enjoyed.

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An onboarding process tailored to your company

Not an impersonal, standardised app, but an interactive game completely tailored to your company! With the Play It Creator, you can conveniently add 360° photos to give your new employee the most realistic picture of their new work environment. Use the platform to build your own training sessions and give new employees a virtual tour of your company!

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A virtual welcome for employees, clients and suppliers

Virtually guide clients, contractors, visitors and drivers through the company with the Play It First app as well. You can easily create a customised route for each type of visitor. Simply add items to an existing flow or delete elements if necessary. As a result, every visitor will know exactly what to do when they arrive and valuable time is saved.

Also for customers and suppliers

Play It First goes beyond just your staff. You can also quickly show temps, contractors, visitors, or your suppliers' drivers the way to your company virtually. You can easily create a customised route for each type of visitor by adapting the existing flow. And that saves valuable time for yourself and your visitor.

A smooth onboarding process

Swift onboarding without a major time investment

You have probably experienced it yourself. A proper onboarding process can take a lot of time. As an HR officer, you need to make all the preparations before the new employee actually joins the company. And welcoming and showing the new employee around the company on their first workday takes time as well.

With Play It First, we guarantee an efficient virtual onboarding process before the new employee even sets foot in the workplace. Via tablet, telephone, computer or VR application, a new employee can go through the onboarding process from the comfort of their own home. Enabling them to start their first day at work completely prepared. The HR officer and other staff do not lose any valuable time by answering countless questions and can proceed with their productive workday uninterrupted.

How we work

First onboarding

Analysis and start-up

Tell us your wishes and needs. We discuss the action plan.

First choice

Onboarding staff

We provide a strong onboarding and communication kit to inform your team.

First takeoff

Staff training

You can easily assign a course to the right employees.

First chart

Results and reporting

Follow everything in the portal and make adjustments where necessary.

Some success stories

G4 case airport

Explore the airport virtually

As a global security expert, G4S’s responsibilities include airport security. Their Aviation business unit is characterised, among other things, by a large group of interims and job students. Of course, all of these people need proper training. And Play It plays an important role in this.

Play It

Hybride aanpak voor jaarlijkse EHBO-opleiding Colruyt Group - kopie

Colruyt Group has 450 first aiders who have to take a mandatory refresher course every year. By adopting a hybrid approach with practical training and gamification, the annual refresher course can now be conducted much more smoothly and efficiently.

Schermafbeelding 2022 09 16 om 14 46 03

Innovative onboarding for multicultural fish producer

There is a lot of activity at Mowi in Bruges. A full team is working daily to process fish for wholesale. A new employee starts working her regularly. The typical multicultural environment and large influx complicated the smooth start-up of newcomers. And then Mowi discovered Play It First.

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