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GDPR and data protection taught in a fun and interactive way

You have probably noticed it yourself. Not everyone is equally interested in topics such as GDPR and cyber security. They are usually taught in dry e-learning modules with lots of text. Plus, the content is quickly forgotten and/or is not translated to real life. Retaining the attention of your colleagues during an internal course is key to avoid fines in the future. Play It prefers a different approach.

Instead of firing theory at your audience in a one-way stream, we teach the different rules highly interactively and visually based on practical situations drawn from real life. The course takes the form of a visually appealing simulation that all employees get access to.

Cybersecurity and GDPR courses

Your challenges,
our mission

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A secure digital ecosystem

Being hacked is a massive nightmare for a modern company in these digital times. Attention to cybersecurity and careful behaviour by your employees minimise the risks.

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Strict GDPR rules

The rules on data protection are becoming increasingly stringent. You will avoid high fines when your staff has the right mindset and focuses on a proper GDPR policy.

A complete compliance course

Cybersecurity is a broad term. You must take many factors into account to fully integrate data protection into the mindset of your team. With our learning games, you tackle specific challenges one by one.

Play It Secure has modules on:

  • GDPR
  • phishing
  • passwords
  • e-crime
  • removable media
  • etc.
Cybersecurity and GDPR courses
Interactive concept for a complex subject

Interactive concept for a complex subject

Dry and complicated theory on data protection is hard to remember. By providing interactive cybersecurity training to your employees, you focus attention on GDPR within the values of your company and team. The players virtually experience practical, real-life situations. Want to bet that a compliance course has never gone so smoothly?

Complete offering

The complete package by Play It Secure contains courses for the following topics.

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Compliance / GDPR

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Removable media

A new mindset with minimal effort

Processing personal data correctly should really be woven into the DNA of your team. Play It Secure simulation games do exactly that. They create awareness… and maintain it! On the Play It Platform, you make a continuous learning programme available to your employees. You avoid logistical headaches with your GDPR training and get a real-time overview of each user's progress. This ensures you always stay on the ball.

Cybersecurity and GDPR courses

How we work

Secure onboarding

Analysis and start-up

Tell us your wishes and needs. We discuss the action plan.

Secure choice

Onboarding staff

We provide a strong onboarding and communication kit to inform your team.

Secure takeoff

Staff training

You can easily assign a course to the right employees.

Secure chart

Results and reporting

Follow everything in the portal and make adjustments where necessary.

Create and retain knowledge and awareness

Many companies process personal data on a daily basis. Our learning simulation is the perfect solution when it comes to teaching data processing rules to your staff, ensuring this knowledge is kept up to date and keeping them alert.

  • Avoid mistakes and associated fines due to a lack of knowledge among your colleagues.
  • Avoid organisational and logistical nightmares: all employees will always have access to a single practical platform.
  • Achieve optimal motivation among participants with an informal approach and practical examples.
  • Obtain a useful overview and proof when employees have received certain information.
  • Create a continuous stream of information instead of a one-off learning moment. Spread the information across several moments throughout the year to create a high awareness level in your team.
Cybersecurity and GDPR courses

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Some success stories

Schermafbeelding 2022 09 16 om 14 46 03

Innovative onboarding for multicultural fish producer

There is a lot of activity at Mowi in Bruges. A full team is working daily to process fish for wholesale. A new employee starts working her regularly. The typical multicultural environment and large influx complicated the smooth start-up of newcomers. And then Mowi discovered Play It First.


Brewery rebuilt virtually for greater impact of learning game

Working in a brewery involves specific safety risks. In order to effectively touch on exactly those pain points during the training, Play It realistically recreated the AB InBev workplace. Employees already appreciate the tailor-made learning game.


The added value of G-learning in post-corona times

Having teleworked as much as possible for many months, we are finally allowed to get together more often and with more people. Physical training courses are an option once again. Even so, digital training can still add value in your company.

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