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How to add simulations to your course offering

Ready to take your corporate training to the next level? With Play It, you can easily add G-learning to your course mix. It works as follows.Five steps to your course:

Step 1: Analysis and start-up

Tell us your wishes and needs. We discuss the action plan and deploy your resources efficiently. Our wide range of ready-to-use solutions gets you started quickly.

Stap 1

Step 2: Onboarding staff

You are already convinced… now your staff needs convincing. Leave that to us. We provide a strong onboarding and communication kit to inform your team about the new courses.

Stap 2

Step 3: Assign courses

You know better than anyone which job profile requires what knowledge and skills. You can easily assign a course to the right employees.

Stap 3

Step 4: Staff training

With the Play It Platform, every employee starts their assigned courses when and where they want. The microlearning principle makes the short interactive exercises manageable and practice-oriented.

Stap 4

Step 5: Results and reporting

Get an up-to-date overview of your corporate training at any time. Which employee completed which simulation game and what were the results? You follow up everything easily and make adjustments quickly where needed.

Stap 5

A Play It Custom programme

Does our catalogue not yet have the solution? Then we will custom build your learning game. We consult with you throughout the build and take a detailed approach to create a virtual environment with realistic situations that address your specific learning needs.


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